Santa and His Sleigh Visit Austin

I don’t usually send my models anywhere but to market because of the wear and tear on them, but since The Needle Works’ new location in Austin is within walking distance of my daughter’s apartment, I’ve sent them to Colleen’s store, where they will be displayed on her fireplace mantel. I haven’t been to the new shop yet, but I’ve heard it is really nice. For those who don’t know, The Needle Works is where I got my start in the needlpoint world way back in the eighties! My first experience with them was when the owners (one of them is now the designer/owner of the handpainted line A Collection of Design) asked me to design their logo – it’s the basket full of needlework goodies that the shop still uses today. Later, I worked part-time in the store and also served as the store’s custom painter. My first design was a golf picture frame that is still in my line today (#800PI). Anyway, the Sleigh & Reindeer set will be there until the end of March.

Santa and Sleigh set from Painted Pony Designs

Since we had the reindeer set re-finished last spring, there has been a big jump in interest for the pieces. The set includes Santa and nine reindeer, inluding Rudolph. Each reindeer is themed as close to his name as we could get. My model stitcher, Susan Burris, also of Austin, has created stitch guides for each piece. Currently, Quenn Anne’s Stitches in Santa Clarita is teaching classes on the piece, so if you’re in their area of California, stop by their shop to see the models they’ve been workin on. And, of course you can order the pieces via your Local Needlework Retailer. To see the individually painted canvase, go to my web-site:


About debbieppd

Painted Pony Designs is a handpainted needlepoint company that was created in 1989. We are known for our stitch-painted ornament designs, including our "Little Charmer" angels featuring over 350 angel designs with attached brass charms. We also distribute for these hand-painted lines: Petei, Needle Graphics, Betsy B. Originals and sorority/frat canvases via Funda Scully. We also distribute licensed designs for Mary Engelbreit, Inc., Diane Ulmer Pedersen, Diane Kater, Lynne Andrews, Mary Charles, Two Bananas Art and Sally Swannell. To learn more about how we got started and the actual horse involved in the story, as well as to view our many needlepoint designs, please visit our web-site at
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One Response to Santa and His Sleigh Visit Austin

  1. Susanne Smith says:

    I, too, stitched the entire set many years ago. Love them all!!! When you were at Hanging By A Thread a few years ago I had them there for the day.

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