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I haven’t posted in SIX YEARS. I couldn’t remember my password, my user name or even the blog hosting site, thus I’ve been dormant all this time! Today, my daughter sent me a link to her blog and “low and behold”, I was forced to log into my site, which meant that this is where my site has been hiding all this time! I’ve written the log-in info down (so no more losing my blog again!) and now I’m officially “Back to Blogging!” So, what will I be blogging about in future posts? All things Painted Pony! Since I was last on, I have changed the company’s direction to include 13 artists that I now represent & distribute for. Here’s a list:

Needlepoint Companies include Designs by Petei; Needle Graphics; Betsy B. Originals; and sorority/fraternity pieces by …& more, and Funda Scully; and, of course, my personal handpainted line, Painted Pony.

Fine/Galleried Artists (these are designers who we have licensed their work to be produced as hand-painted needlepoint): Mary Engelbreit, Inc; Diane Ulmer Pedersen, Lynne Andrews, Two Bananas, Mary Charles (premiering at the January 2017 show) and two more designers premiering in the spring: Diane Kater and Sally Swannell.

Future blog posts will include “works in progress” (follow me as we design new canvases), original artwork from our licensees that will show you what will be developed into handpainted canvas, models being stitched, completed and finished, our road trips to market, shop visits, features of who is teaching our designs, features of stitchers doing remarkable interpretations of our designs, and the like.

I hope you’ll follow me down the trail of all things “Painted Pony”

To start off the re-boot, I’ve posted a picture of a canvas we will be premiering at the TNNA winter market next month (Just Say Cheese #MC-AN01, 10″x12″ on 18m).capture. Its by Our new licensed artist, Mary Charles, comes from Lancaster, PA. Mary’s paintings are influenced by the Amish and the “English” of the quaint country community she lives in. Her subjects include barns, villages and farm animals. Her colors are clear and her original works translate beautifully into needlepoint. To see her first 16 canvases during December, visit Rittenhouse Needlepoint in Philly, PA. The shop is currently test-marketing 16 Mary Charles canvases as part of a larger trunk show that includes all of the designs of Diane Ulmer Pedersen, Lynne Andrews, plus a hand-full of the artsy side of Mary Engelbreit.

While you are driving madly to Rittenhouse to check out the new Mary Charles line, I’m going to muse over more content for my next blogging post. I’m glad to be “Back” and I hope I see you “Back” here real soon!!!


About debbieppd

Painted Pony Designs is a handpainted needlepoint company that was created in 1989. We are known for our stitch-painted ornament designs, including our "Little Charmer" angels featuring over 350 angel designs with attached brass charms. We also distribute for these hand-painted lines: Petei, Needle Graphics, Betsy B. Originals and sorority/frat canvases via Funda Scully. We also distribute licensed designs for Mary Engelbreit, Inc., Diane Ulmer Pedersen, Diane Kater, Lynne Andrews, Mary Charles, Two Bananas Art and Sally Swannell. To learn more about how we got started and the actual horse involved in the story, as well as to view our many needlepoint designs, please visit our web-site at
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