After Midnight

pp-996iv-crazy-quiltNote – Here’s a sneak peek of one of the angels premiering at the TNNA show in three weeks. She’s not quite finished and I haven’t picked the charms for her yet, but you get the idea!

If you are a needlepoint designer, than New Year’s weekend is not spent holding flutes of champagne while dancing to midnight at some swanky party, but rather with a bowl of dirty paint water, sitting at our art tables while we burn the midnight oil as we get ready for our January Winter Market. For me, getting designs done for the show is even worse than that: I am such a last minute/under the gun type of designer that I have (for real) painted a new canvas in the front seat of our SUV as my husband drives me to the show. I’ve always been this way – when I was an art student in college, it was nothing for me to do my semester project the night before the deadline. It is not that I’m lazy – it’s that I need that panicked, frantic adrenaline rush to pop out my best work. If I started that semester project back when it was first assigned, I would spend 12 weeks “tweeking it” until it was overworked and making a Baroque church from medieval days look undecorated. My best work comes when the chips are down and I have to slap something out and there is no time to rethink about it. It is a stressful way to design, but so it goes. This go-round, I actually have given myself a couple of weeks earlier start, but the panic is still there as I’ve got several pieces that need to go to my Texas-based painters, Dana and Dian, so that they can make panic-painted copies and send one each on to my model stitcher, Susan Burris (of Austin, TX) to frantically work up stitch guides for, all to sell in pre-packed kits for the cash & carry component of the Winter Market. My next few blogs will be about all the new pieces we are working on to premier at the upcoming show. See you back here when the clock strikes 12:00!

About debbieppd

Painted Pony Designs is a handpainted needlepoint company that was created in 1989. We are known for our stitch-painted ornament designs, including our "Little Charmer" angels featuring over 350 angel designs with attached brass charms. We distribute for these hand-painted lines: Petei, Mary Engelbreit, Inc., Diane Ulmer Pedersen, Diane Kater, Lynne Andrews, Mary Charles, Two Bananas Art, Sally Swannell, Deb Strain, Betsy B. Originals, LoriLynn Simms, Lori Siebert, Suzanne Nicoll and Nicole Tamarin. To learn more about how we got started and the actual horse involved in the story, as well as to view our many needlepoint designs, please visit our web-site at and see our Facebook page Painted Pony Designs Needlepoint for the latest new canvases and PPD news.
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2 Responses to After Midnight

  1. Judi says:

    Love this new design!

  2. Julie Madt says:

    I love this post! Thank you for taking a bit of your precious time to share a bit of your world with us – I hope you know how much we all appreciate the creative process and how different it is for each person. See you in San Jose!

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