Sunday Stitch-in

IMG_20170917_014520664~2.jpgPatriotic Barn by Mary Charles

#MC-BN07 on13m, 8″x8″ design image

Welcome to my new ‘Sunday project’ post!

The plan: Almost any Sunday afternoon finds me curled up on my bed with one or two of the cats sleeping in the corner. It’s my unwinding day – I watch PBS or Netflix or pop in a DVD or read and chill out for hours. It’s my favorite part of my week. Today, I thought I would invite you over for to stitch and chat and eat chocolate and watch PBS with me!

Skill level – totally unimportant: I’m actually a pretty good stitcher, but I don’t get to stitch too much, since I often work 60+ hours/week with my Painted Pony Designs line. Because its been ages since I have taken a class, I’m weak in the ‘uber-powered’ decorative stitch techniques that are all the rage today. So, basically, we’re going to call me a rusty stitcher who has a lot of new techniques to learn. If you have a suggestion on stitches for this work-in-progress, speak up! I don’t mind at all if this becomes a community project.

What we are stitching: Mary Charles’ Patriotic Barn, 18m, image size 8×8. Who doesn’t love red barns, flags and fluffy sheep?! I’m thinking this will be finished as boxed stand up, but that could change. We’ll see.

IMG_20170612_125022632~2The process: I sent this canvas to Needlepoint This! in Dallas, TX, who threaded it up for me. The shop is a thread hoarder’s dream! NPT This! is owned by mother/daughter Sherry and Bonnie Cody. I had planned to start the canvas during the slow times at Destination Dallas market in early September. Fortunately, I was way too busy to even take the project out of the bag! Since I had Sherry put the piece on stretcher bars, I need to go ahead and get this stitched. Thus, I’m gatering all my gal-pals for a Sunday Stitch-in. Okay, guys can come, too, but no showing up us girls with your perfect stitches!

The thread list: In case you want to stitch along with me, or I have a thread that you want to know more about, I’ll include the thread list below. Needlepoint This! was kind enough to include a list of what threads went where, so I’ll include that info, too;


Sky: Silk & Ivory #70 and #236   changed to Threadworx Overdyed Floss # 10160 and 10151

Stars: Glisten #G03 Neon Rays #NP10

Flag: Silk Lame’ #SL97, #SL100, #SL101, #SL159

Flag Pole: Burmilana #3887 Rainbow Linen #R457


Barn: Silk & Ivory: #81, Rainbow Gallery Elegance Silk Pearl #8, Planet Earth #Fury005

Roof: Threadworx #11214

Fence: Elegance #E840


Sheep: Alpaca 18 #AL51, #AL89

Hay: Silk Road Straw Silk #0310 Amber Waves

*We’re also going to need some black, but let’s decide later what we can use out of our stashes.


Tree Trunks: Burmilana #3441

Apple Tree: Threadworx #W77, Beads from & more, size 11 #141 Ruby

Yellow Tree: Planet Earth 6 ply Silk #1031 Sandstorm

Grass: Pepper Pot 100% Silk # 087 Watercress   Rainbow Gallery Splendor 12-ply silk #S992


Stone Wall: Burmilana #3306, #3845, #3887

* * * * *

That’s our threads. Now, I’m going to pick out some stitches and get started.

Did someone say they brought chocolate?!

About debbieppd

Painted Pony Designs is a handpainted needlepoint company that was created in 1989. We are known for our stitch-painted ornament designs, including our "Little Charmer" angels featuring over 350 angel designs with attached brass charms. We distribute for these hand-painted lines: Petei, Mary Engelbreit, Inc., Diane Ulmer Pedersen, Diane Kater, Lynne Andrews, Mary Charles, Two Bananas Art, Sally Swannell, Deb Strain, Betsy B. Originals, LoriLynn Simms, Lori Siebert, Suzanne Nicoll and Nicole Tamarin. To learn more about how we got started and the actual horse involved in the story, as well as to view our many needlepoint designs, please visit our web-site at and see our Facebook page Painted Pony Designs Needlepoint for the latest new canvases and PPD news.
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8 Responses to Sunday Stitch-in

  1. chillyhollowneedlepointadventure says:

    What fun! I always start with my background. It’s just a personal quirk. How about Brick Stitch over Two for the sky? It’s fairly easy to compensate around the dots and star shapes, although I would recommend you make a color copy of the canvas first, just so you know what goes where in case the compensation doesn’t work the way you think around the shapes. Then you can go back and tent stitch the stars and do Smyrna crosses on the dots. Then finish up the star shapes with little straight stitches around the outside edges to give the stars depth. Remember, these are just ideas. This is your piece and it should reflect your personality!

  2. Linda Tiboni says:

    What fun this is going to be!!!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Susan Murphy says:

    I love the artwork of Mary Charles but am having trouble finding her canvases on your website. I stitched Early Morning Townhouses last year and a Mary Charles canvas would be a beautiful companion!
    Thank you,
    Susan Murphy

    • debbieppd says:

      Isn’t Mary Charles great?! We are working on the NEW web-site for the next month, so look for updates towards end of October. Meanwhile, there are lots of MC photos on our Facebook page: Painted Pony Designs Needlepoint. She’s featured in both our January and June ‘booth tours’ as well.

      • Susan Murphy says:

        Thank you, I’ll look for your page in October. Like most stitchers, I have enough to keep me busy until then!

      • Susan Murphy says:

        Do you have a list of which Mary Charles’ paintings are available on canvas? I want to narrow my search for my next purchase!
        Thanks again,

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