Sunday Stitch-in: Barn Raising

Welcome back! I just threw on some yoga pants and a baggy shirt and crawled under the covers. If someone will bring some chocolate to share, I think we can get started!

Instead of watching PBS, I’m listening to my interview on the Fiber Talk podcast. I don’t sound too goofy, so I’m gonna call it a win!

Here’s a link if you want to listen in:

I got a lot done on the barn, in part because I spent Wednesday at Hanging By a Thread in Shreveport, LA with a one-day angel trunk show. I make it over to Stacy’s a couple of times a year. An eclectic group of stitchers gather around the center table and someone new is always coming through the door. It’s a fun time each time I go, plus Stacy always feeds me, which is the best part of any road trip!


I used the time to re-stitch the roof, this time centering the pattern. My thread for the window trim from the Needle Works/Austin came in but I didn’t like the weight of it either, so I’m back to the original one (Grandeur Silk Pearl #5 by Rainbow Gallery, color #G840). None of my threads I’ve tried lent themselves to a nice cross stitch for the window outlines, so I ended up doing the outlining in Continental, while putting a large crossed stitch across each block to simulate the classic white X’s on barn windows and doors.

For the 2-thread side boards, I used a new-to-me stitch out of Jo Christensen’s The Needlepoint Book called Slanted Cross (page 254). I really liked it. It may become one of my go-to stitches for 2-thread borders and outlines.


While I have met Jo a couple of times, I got to know her better at the Dallas trade show. She was gracious enough to teach a technique class at the show. Jo and her very nice husband have recently moved to Texas, so once again, I am proven right that everything is bigger and better in the Lone Star State. Yehaw!

I almost have the roof done, but I wanted to show you my before and after paint out:


Above shows a star that is in the way of making my roof asymmetrical to the left side. Plus, the star shows through when I stitch over it. I dabbed a little blue-violet paint over it, and, Voila!, problem gone. You could also use a blue Sharpie. Don’t be afraid to “perfect” your canvas with paint or a Sharpie to suit your stitching plan.



I finished the barn trim with a horizontal row of Continental. The Bugle beads i ordered are too long, so I’m going to order some im 1.5mm, which should do the trick.


You can catch a glimpse on the top right corner of how the roof stitch will play out, but I am going to finish it during the week so that we can move on to the flag.

In last week’s comments, Joan Lohr suggested that I fill in the flag with white and then chain stitch the red stripes. It should keep the waves “flowy”, so let’s give it a try.

Per Joan’s advice, I am Basketweaving the entire flag. I am using two colors of Silk Lame’ Braid by Rainbow Gallery #SL100 & #SL101.


Looks like I’ve got my homework for the week: finish basketweaving the flag and finish the roof.

See you next Sunday when we raise the flag!

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2 Responses to Sunday Stitch-in: Barn Raising

  1. chillyhollowneedlepointadventure says:

    Maybe the too long bugle beads would make great door handles? Just saying….

  2. debbieppd says:

    On another project! These were two threads too long. If I had waited til the beads were in hand, I could have adjusted the stitching and then no prob! However, never one to think ahead….

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